Are brass paper fasteners made with another metal also?

Answer High quality brass paper fasteners are made of solid brass, but some less expensive models are brass-plated steel. Solid brass fasteners generally cost about twice as much as the brass-plated steel... Read More »

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Animal Preschool Activities Using Brass Fasteners?

Simple brass fasteners are found in most office supply stores and are often used to join papers together in place of staples or paper clips. Brass fasteners are also a valuable addition to your pre... Read More »

How to Drill & Use Fasteners in Concrete & Metal?

Fastening items to wood or drywall surfaces can be fairly easy. Fastening items to steel or concrete can be a little more difficult. However, with the correct tools and the proper knowledge, even c... Read More »

What type of metal are paper clips made out of?

Galvanized steel wire is the traditional medium for paper clips. Modern fabrication methods for wire originated in the 1870s. Inventors raced to perfect the design. Several patents were issued in t... Read More »

When were revolvers first made with brass cartridges?

Smith & Wesson received a patent for a center-fire metallic cartridge in 1854 and then around 1856 developed the first true rim-fire cartridge that remains in use today. In late 1857 Smith & Wesson... Read More »