Are braided pachira only indoor plants?

Answer A braided pachira, often referred to as a fortune or money tree, is typically an indoor plant. However, it will grow outside as long as it isn't subjected to prolonged freezing temperatures. It can... Read More »

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How to Overwinter Indoor Plants?

Correctly overwintering indoor plants keeps them healthy during the colder months, when they enter an inactive phase and stop growing. Winter also brings environmental stress to houseplants, includ... Read More »

Evergreen Indoor Plants?

Evergreen houseplants add a touch of nature indoors. NASA studies have demonstrated that utilizing plants indoors contributes to alleviating the sick building syndrome created by tight, energy-effi... Read More »

Whiteflies on Indoor Plants?

Whiteflies are greenhouse pests that often come into homes on new plants. Examine new plants carefully for whiteflies and keep them isolated for three weeks to make sure they don't harbor whiteflie... Read More »

Indoor Plants for Offices?

An indoor plant is a welcome addition to any office space. It can help brighten up your spirits at work and may even increase productivity. Some indoor plants, including the peace lily, are also k... Read More »