Are braided pachira only indoor plants?

Answer A braided pachira, often referred to as a fortune or money tree, is typically an indoor plant. However, it will grow outside as long as it isn't subjected to prolonged freezing temperatures. It can... Read More »

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Do you like indoor plants if so name a few favourites please?

I love to have my plants in the kitchen ,orange mint,and apple mint,for my teas,then any herb that you want to cook with.just put it by the most sunny window.

Indoor Plants That Filter the Air?

Things commonly found inside homes can emit chemical fumes into the air. However, NASA scientists discovered that some plants could filter out chemical pollutants found in the air. University of Mi... Read More »

Why are both of my indoor plants dying?

I know this will sound strange but I have knocked off a lot of plants and found the culprit to be Miracle Gro. I no longer use Miracle Gro or Miracle Gro soil. I did an accidental experiment with... Read More »

How to Water Indoor Plants?

When plants are kept in the house as potted plants, their watering needs will differ from those of plants grown in the soil outside. The symptoms of over-watering and under-watering plants are very... Read More »