Are braces worth it?

Answer heck yeah, you're in pain now but in the end it is worth it... you'll have a nice smile and beautiful teeth...i used to be self conscious before i got braces, my teeth were so crooked, i never show... Read More »

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Is it really worth it to get braces?

I wish I had gotten braces when I was high school. I went to the dentist twice for that but chickened out both times. I think you'll regret it later if you don't do it now.

Are really braces worth it?

Talk to your orthodontist about your concerns. Ask him/her if you can get a Hawley retainer (metal band around the front of your teeth with a plastic piece that goes into the roof of your mouth or ... Read More »

Is getting braces worth the pain?

It is completely normal to be in pain after visits to the orthodontist. Braces do cause pain and can be an inconvenience to eating, brushing, etc. but are they worth it? Definitely. I'm getting my ... Read More »

Does anyone know if braces hurt and is it worth getting made fun of?