Are braces embarrasing for a 16 year old?

Answer no im getting them toojust act confident and be yourself some people look good with braces youll be fine and think of the end resultsoo many people have them nowadays its commondont be shyx

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Will my braces come off in a year?

If your orthodontist says you need them for a year he is probably right, after braces straighten your teeth up your teeth will naturally want to go back into their natural position so the braces ar... Read More »

How embarrasing!?

One night last year I met a really pretty girl at a bar in town, we were both quite drunk and one thing led to another and she asked me if I would like to go back to her place for a "coffee", obvio... Read More »

Is there such thing as one year braces?

I'm not sure about one year braces and the number of years depend of the person and what problems they have.. But usually the least number of years a person wears braces for is 2 years. The prices ... Read More »

Embarrasing question........?

It's normal, I went through the same thing myself.It's the bud of the breast growing and when pressure is applied it becomes sore.It'll go away eventually.