Are braces covered with Child Health Plus?

Answer No, braces and retainers are not covered with Child Health Plus, because they are considered to be cosmetic dental work. However, emergency, routine and preventative dental care are covered service... Read More »

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Given a population of 5000 covered lives with balanced risk what is the total of the revenue paid directly to health care providers RX medical equipment plus any and all medical care?

Answer You'll never get the true stats on this one.It varies from hospital to hospital. One thing to keep in mind, when asked for money from a hospital to buy even a second-hand piece of equipmen... Read More »

Does Child Health Plus cover all children?

New York's Child Health Plus program does not cover all children. Applicants must be under 19 years of age and meet specific income eligibility requirements. To be eligible for a free premium, the ... Read More »

Until what age is my child covered under my health insurance in new jersey?

In New Jersey, your child can be covered in your health-insurance policy until his 19th birthday. If your child is a full-time student at an accredited school, she can be covered until her 23rd bir... Read More »

How is the primary policy for health insurance determined when a child is covered under both divorced parents' policies?

Answer I would say use both insurance's because neither of them pay 100%. Use one insurance for primary and let the other insurance pick up what the other one doesn't pay. Kind of like a supplemen... Read More »