Are braces covered by insurance can braces make your teeth appear bigger or longer?

Answer Insurance doesn't cover braces and because u have small teeth u will get small brackets the dentist can fix your chipped tooth and over bites are easily fixed with braces. Your teeth will be straig... Read More »

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Does wearing braces make your teeth look bigger after you've taken them off?

I've had braces, and so have a lot of my friends. I personally felt that my teeth looked bigger, but then I realised that I hadn't seen them without braces on them for a while, and probably wasn't ... Read More »

One of my front teeth are longer than the other one Is that normal Btw I have braces ?

Your local orthodontist will most likely shave down your teeth to fix your bite at the end of your braces term. Do not worry as he will carve them down beautiful and nice

After wearing braces a long time ago is it possible for your teeth to start misaligning and if misalignment is not severe is there any way to revert it without braces or surgery?

Answer Yes. The way you chew, wisdom teeth growing in (or being taken out), etc. can cause them to slowly move. You could get a retainer to wear at night to slow the movement.

Are braces going to make my teeth fit together when I bite down?

There are basically 2 types of orthodontic problems - dental (involving teeth only) and skeletal (involving jaw alignment). Traditional orthodontists do not know how to correct skeletal problems an... Read More »