How to Cope when There Are More Girls Than Boys at a Party (for Girls)?

Answer So you've got a party with a bit of an imbalance between the boys and gals? Never fear, it's still a party and everyone is going to have the best time together. Here's how.

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Why girls are nicer than boys?

Because you are a normal guy, and you have more tendency towards the girls! The same is also true about the girls you know; they most probably think that you are nice and deserve to be treated nicely.

How girls get abuse more than the boys and why?

More girls are abused because more boys fight back. The boys fight back before it gets too violent, most of the times. Most girls wait until their lives are in danger to fight. Boys also have more ... Read More »

Can boys cook better than girls?

that's a rather sexist question. yes, i think more girls enjoy cooking thatn boys, but anyone who watches the food network knows that all but one of the Iron Chefs are men. And when people talk ab... Read More »

Why are girls better than boys in education?

The U.S. literacy gender gap is consistent in all 50 states. According to Education World, about 80 percent of today's high school dropouts are boys. Many factors contribute to this trend, and they... Read More »