Are bourbon&whiskey the same thing?

Answer Although both beverages are similar, there are differences. Bourbon tends to have a higher percentage of corn in its grain mix and is aged in new, charcoal-lined oak barrels, while whiskey has less... Read More »

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Who invented bourbon whiskey?

It's not known exactly who invented bourbon whiskey, though it is believed to have been created first in 1789 in Bourbon County, Georgetown, Kentucky. Maize (corn) was used as a base. It was origin... Read More »

Who invented kentucky bourbon whiskey?

Elijah Craig, a Baptist preacher and distiller, is credited as inventing Kentucky bourbon whiskey in Georgetown, Kentucky in Bourbon County. Craig is said to be the first to age corn-rye whiskey in... Read More »

Is Jack Daniel's a bourbon or a whiskey?

Bourbon, named after Bourbon County, Kentucky, is a whiskey distilled from a mash containing at least 51 percent corn. Jack Daniel's, however, is not a bourbon. According to Jack Daniel's official ... Read More »

I left my bourbon whiskey on the stove a couple times while cooking and it got quite hot. Is my liquor ruined?

Not if the bottle was fully closed and the alcohol didn't evaporate out.