Are bottle caps recyclable?

Answer Bottle caps are generally not recycled due to the difficulty inherent in recycling that type of plastic; they must be removed from water and soda bottles before those bottles is processed. Most met... Read More »

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Are beer-bottle caps recyclable?

Yes, beer-bottle caps can be recycled. Beer-bottle caps are made from steel, as evidenced by their attraction to magnets, and steel is a recyclable material. Many municipalities allow for single-st... Read More »

Are plastic bottle caps recyclable?

Most plastic caps are recyclable but they may need to be separated from other items. Twist top caps and caps with a threaded neck like shampoo, water, soda, milk; flip-top caps from a tube or food ... Read More »

Who Invented the Recyclable Water Bottle?

Recycle bottles are made from a polymer resin called PET, or polyethylene terephthalate. PET bottles are strong, lightweight and do not contaminate their contents. Nathaniel Wyeth of Du Pont is cre... Read More »

Can bottle caps be recycled?

You can recycle metal and plastic bottle caps, according to Josie Garthwaite of "Sierra Magazine" in an interview with National Public Radio. However, most recycling centers do not take plastic bot... Read More »