Are both sides ribs equal in size in children?

Answer Almost anything, but there's not much risk of cross species infection. I'd worry more with cats.

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A sort of tringle with no equal angles or sides and ends in g?

Does a king size bed equal two twin size mattresses?

At a width of 38 inches each, two twin-size mattress laid side by side are as wide as one king-size mattress, which measures 76 inches in width, according to the Better Sleep Council. The twin-size... Read More »

What size does women's 4x equal?

Sizes can vary from store to store, but generally a 4X is the equivalent of a 28/30 depending on where you shop. Sometimes, it can be as generous as a 30/32. It is always a good idea to check the s... Read More »

How many laps in an olympic size swimming pool equal a mile?

Answer In a 50 meter pool, one mile would be 16 laps (32 lengths).