Are booster seats safe to use in bucket seats?

Answer Kids can get scalded by the hot water in the "HOT TUB".

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What Is the Difference Between Booster Seats & Car Seats?

Car seats have an internal set of harnesses to secure the child in the seat, while the vehicle's restraint harnesses are used to secure the car seat to the vehicle seat. Booster seats are designed ... Read More »

Are high back booster seats safer than no back booster seats?

My understanding is that it's related to how the shoulder strap sits on the child and it may vary from vehicle to vehicle. The high back boosters generally have a strap holder that keeps the strap ... Read More »

How to Take Out Bucket Seats?

The process for removing bucket seats is similar in most vehicles. The whole bucket seat assembly is held to the floorboard by four bolts. Removing the seat is necessary when replacing the seats or... Read More »

How do I Ship Bucket Seats?

Removing the bucket seats from your car gives you more room for large cargo and an easy way to replace torn upholstery. Instead of storing the unused seats in your garage or throwing away a damaged... Read More »