Are boonie hats popular among military snipers?

Answer On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsA sniper's camouflage is as essential as his (or her) weapon. Boonie hats are particularly important. Boonie hats are versatile in how they are able to disguise a sn... Read More »

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Do the Marines have the best Snipers in the American military?

Obviously this question is completely personal opinion, and ill be as honest as i can.The Marines have great sniper. Whether there the best in the whole US Military, i couldnt tell you for certain.... Read More »

Can military snipers own firearms after they are discharged from the service?

Which US Military Branch or Special Force has the best Snipers?

Although nobody seems to be keeping official score, the most successful and productive sniper team in combat during recent years may be the US Army's Shadow Team from 2/69, 3rd Infantry Division. D... Read More »

Are the Marine Scout Snipers better than the Army Special Forces Snipers?

The abilities of each as shooters depends on the individual... whichever one is a better shot is going to be the better shot, no matter what branch they're in. As for Special Forces and Marine Sco... Read More »