Are body lifts unsafe?

Answer On One Hand: They Can Be UnsafeBody lifts are vehicle augmentations that raise the body of the vehicle farther off the ground. While many people find this look attractive, an Ezine report on lift ... Read More »

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What body part lifts up&out to give your lungs space while you inhale?

According to, when you inhale "...the diaphragm and intercostal muscles contract. The diaphragm moves downward increasing the volume of the [chest] cavity, and the intercostal... Read More »

How to Do Leg Lifts?

This simple exercise is a great way to work out your abdominal muscles, and is an especially easy one for beginners. Start doing this exercise regularly, and you'll be one step closer to the amazin... Read More »

How is cloning unsafe?

Scientists have debated the dangers of cloning animals and humans for years. Sometimes the knowledge of cloning's safety issues can become lost in a discussion of whether cloning is ethical or not.... Read More »

Is it unsafe to download?

I Have 5 ComputersThey Are ALL Downloadind 24 Hours A DayI DL Music,Movies, Software,ETC,As Long As You Have A Good SECURITY System(Symantic Is What I Use)You Should Have No ProblemsPiracy Rocks!Go... Read More »