Are blue roses real..............?

Answer no, not really the florist just starts off with a white flower and adds blue food coloring to the water and the flower sucks up the water with the blue coloring turning the flower blue u can do thi... Read More »

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Are blue roses real?

Blue roses do not occur in nature. People who desire blue roses have traditionally had to dye white roses blue. Growers have been trying to produce a genetically modified blue rose for years. In 20... Read More »

Are there blue roses?

Since roses lack a gene to produce delphinidin, the primary plant pigment that produces true blue flowers, blue roses were traditionally created by dyeing white roses. So-called "blue roses" have b... Read More »

What do blue roses mean?

Blue roses are considered a mysterious flower, due to the fact that blue roses do not grow naturally in nature. They have been dyed and genetically engineered to create the blue color.New Opportuni... Read More »

Blue Roses?