Are black walnuts edible?

Answer The fruit from a black walnut tree is edible. However, the tough part will be getting to the inside as the shell is very durable and may need a heavy object in order to crack it.Source:Hortiscope: ... Read More »

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How to Cut Black Walnuts?

The black walnut tree also is known as the American walnut and produces golf ball-sized nuts that are encased in thick hulls. The hulls are a light green color when they first develop but darken to... Read More »

How do I Harvest & Eat Black Walnuts?

Black walnuts grow on large trees that are often found in parks, on streets or in backyards. Before eating a black walnut you must remove the husk, wash the nut and then crack open the shell to get... Read More »

How to Dry Black Walnuts for Consumption?

Fall brings black walnut harvesting season to many areas of the United States where the black walnut tree grows. Wearing gloves is important when harvesting the walnuts, whether you are shaking the... Read More »

How can I gather black walnuts?

Gathering black walnuts for use is a three-step process that includes identification of the tree, harvesting the nuts and removal of the husk and shell. The husk and shell are difficult to remove a... Read More »