Are black olives ripe green olives?

Answer Black olives are ripened green olives. Before olives ripen, people can harvest them while still green. The green olives are treated with an alkali to make them less bitter. Black olives are fully r... Read More »

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Why do black olives only come in cans?

The reason is probably because they are not treated with a BRINE solution of salt and vinegar like the green olives are. Olives have a pH above 4.6 and to cure olives, you first have to soak them ... Read More »

Can you use black olives in a martini?

Yes, you can substitute black olives for green olives in a martini. But you will change the flavor outcome of the cocktail. Green olives are picked when they are unripe so they are brined longer an... Read More »

How are black olives made?

Black olives are the fully ripe fruits of olive trees. Originally from the Mediterranean, black olives are a popular food in the U.S., commonly enjoyed on salads.GrowingBlack olives grow on shrubby... Read More »

How to Grow Black Olives?

Many people enjoy the taste of black olives and use them for different food, like sandwiches and pizza. Growing your own can seem like an easy way to provide your family black olives whenever you w... Read More »