Are black lights harmful?

Answer On One Hand: Black Lights Produce a Weak OutputBlack lights produce electromagnetic radiation in the ultraviolet range; however, their light spectrum falls exclusively in the long-wave UVA region. ... Read More »

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Are black lights harmful to eyes?

Made of long wave ultraviolet light (UVA), black lights are considered safe for the eyes. Most black lights are regular incandescent bulbs surrounded by a deep blue-purple glass envelope. These bul... Read More »

Are fluorescent lights harmful?

On One Hand: Fluorescent Lights Contain Mercury.Fluorescent light bulbs, popular in homes because of environmental benefits, contain approximately five mg of the chemical mercury. A neurotoxin, mer... Read More »

Are full spectrum lights harmful?

On One Hand: Purported Benefits of Full Spectrum LightingFull spectrum light sources simulate natural light's visible and ultraviolet spectra. Manufacturers of these lights claim that the simulatio... Read More »

Are black walnuts harmful to dogs?

Black walnuts are toxic to dogs and other animals, such as cats and horses. Mold from old black walnuts, when ingested by dogs, causes severe medical complications, including seizures and tremors.R... Read More »