Are black babies born with pink skin?

Answer No.

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Are black babies born with white skin?

Yes, most black babies are born with white skin. Some are born completely black however most of them lack the melanin pigment development initially. Within a few months, this pigment develops while... Read More »

What happens when babies are born without skin?

its quite simple really. the baby will inevitably die. your skin is in place to protect your muscles and organs from infection.That is not entirely accurate. The outcome depends on the percentage o... Read More »

Why are babies born with black veils?

Nobody really knows. It's a rare event for a baby to be born with a face veil or what is called a Caul, and occurs 1 in 80,000 births. Some speculate that it is genetic, however it can and has occu... Read More »

Can babies be born with the black death?

Possibly, possibly not. If the mother has the Bubonic Plague, the baby will most likely have the Bubonic Plague. Though, if the mother does not have the Bubonic Plague, then the baby will not be bo... Read More »