Are biweekly mortgages really worthwhile?

Answer On One Hand: Reduces Term of LoanTo pay a biweekly mortgage, the borrower pays half a monthly payment every other week. Over the span of a year, he pays 26 payments, which is the equivalent of 13 m... Read More »

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HOW would YOU convince an 11 year old boy that school really is worthwhile?

You're never going to convince an 11 year old of anything unless they think of it first.The trick is getting them to think of it first.KitKat, it sounds like you've raised an independant, free-thin... Read More »

How to Pay Your Mortgage Biweekly?

Paying your mortgage biweekly instead of monthly has many advantages. Paying monthly results in 12 annual mortgage payments, where biweekly payments means 13 annual payments. For people who get pai... Read More »

Should I Pay My Credit Card Biweekly?

The United Kingdom (UK) Border Agency has a strict set of restrictions and allowances for people immigrating into the U.K.. There is a separate, more lenient set of rules for people from European E... Read More »

Daily Contact Lenses vs. Biweekly?

Both daily and biweekly contacts are safe and effective choices that offer the same vision correction, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Knowing whether your eyes are dry or sensit... Read More »