Are birds considered to be reptiles?

Answer Birds have their own classification in the animal kingdom and are, therefore, not considered a type of reptile. The primary differences between reptiles and birds are that birds are warm-blooded an... Read More »

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How Are Birds & Reptiles Alike?

The relationship and similarities between reptiles and birds has fascinated scientists and animal lovers alike since the notion of evolution became accepted, and the results of their inquiries has ... Read More »

Characteristics of Birds & Reptiles?

Birds and reptiles share many characteristics. The Hooper Museum explains that they are very structurally similar except for birds' ability to fly and the features that help them fly. Canada's Aqua... Read More »

Are dinosaurs related to reptiles and birds?

According to Dr. Paul Willis, dinosaurs are related to birds. He says that the "majority of palaeontologists working on the ancestry of birds agree that dinosaurs, particularly small theropods, are... Read More »

How are birds&reptiles phylogenetically related?

Birds and reptiles share a number of physical characteristics, and scientists agree that they are phylogenetically related, although they do not agree on just what the connection is.SimilaritiesBot... Read More »