Are berries on asparagus ferns poisonous to humans or animals?

Answer Answer Please see related link below.Yes

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Are holly bush berries poisonous to humans?

Holly berries are not safe for human consumption, according to Nature Hills Nursery. If more than three individual holly berries are eaten, severe nausea, vomiting, drowsiness and diarrhea have bee... Read More »

Are coleus plants poisonous to humans and animals?

Yes, it can cause Allergic dermatitis with red rash.

What if the first guy to eat poisonous berries was just allergic and we're missing out on delicious berries?

Nowadays we have the technology to test foods for toxicity. Not only do we know which foods are poisonous, but we also know which poisons they contain and who will be affected. It wasn't that long ... Read More »

What will kill asparagus ferns?

Glyphosate will kill asparagus ferns (Asparagus aethiopicus, A. densiflorus, A. sprengeri).Specifically, glyphosate is the active ingredient in Round-Up. A particularly effective treatment is 1 per... Read More »