Are beneficiary designations part of an IRA CD?

Answer Beneficiaries on an IRA account, or a CD purchased in an IRA account, are named by the IRA owner when the IRA account is opened or after. Some people elect not to name beneficiaries; proceeds then ... Read More »

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Does a beneficiary have to pay for medicare part d benefits?

Yes, there is a premium for Medicare Part D benefits. The amount varies depending on the prescription drug program people choose. People with low incomes may qualify for help with paying their prem... Read More »

What does CGN mean in Navy designations?

cruiser guided-missle nuclear it is a type of a ship. It is a nuclear-powered, guided-missle cruiser, such as the USS Virginia CGN-38.

Why d or l designations cant be for sugar alcohols?

Sugar alcohol (SA)- lacks an aldehyde or ketone. An example is ribitol. For sugars with more than one chiral center, the D or L designation refers to the asymmetric carbon farthest from the aldehyd... Read More »

Do you have a listing of military cable designations?

Any criminal conviction can lead to loss of all or some of your Veteran's Benefits. It is a case by case, as discovered basis.