Are bell pepper plants acidic?

Answer Yes, the bell pepper plant is acidic. The acidity in the peppers gives them the unique flavor they have and their nutritional quality as well. The acid in bell peppers is actually vitamin C, ascorb... Read More »

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Why Are My Bell Pepper Plants Wilting?

As the heat of summer descends upon our faithfully tended plants and vegetables, you may notice that several of them may appear wilted or droopy in the afternoons. Bell peppers are one of the most ... Read More »

How to Prune Bell Pepper Plants?

Bell peppers grow well in many areas of the United States. Although they take a bit longer to grow than other peppers--including chili and jalapeno peppers--they are hardy plants. As with most plan... Read More »

How do i water bell pepper plants?

PreparationSpread 1 to 2 inches of straw mulch, peat moss or shredded wood bark around the base of the bell pepper plants. Mulching reduces water loss from the soil. Keep the area clear of weeds th... Read More »

If bell pepper seed are starting to mold but the bell pepper is fine can you still eat it?