Are begonias perennials?

Answer Begonia flowers, a member of the Begoniaceae family with a number of species, are annuals, meaning they last only for the duration of a single growing season and must be replanted each year. Perenn... Read More »

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How do i bed begonias?

PreparationSpread a layer of compost over the top of the bedding soil. Till it all together to make sure it drains well. The bed should be located in partial sun so as not to burn the begonias and ... Read More »

How to Repot Begonias?

Begonias come in a several varieties, including those grown for their attractive foliage and those prized for their flowers. The foliage varieties, such as the angelwing and the rex begonia, often ... Read More »

How often do you water begonias?

Water your begonias every week during hot, dry weather. Containerized begonias need watering more often. Check these begonias every other day for dry soil. Reduce the watering schedule when the wea... Read More »

Do begonias need full sun?

Different species of begonias require different levels of sunlight. However, many of the species can tolerate a range of light from partial shade to full sun. Several species, though, should avoid ... Read More »