Why aren't all beans as good as les beans?

Answer They sure can take a licking, can't they? Have you ever seen one with a combover as hot as mine? Hey... you weren't even born in the United States of America!!! What are YOU doing here!!! You're FI... Read More »

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Have you ever had Buk's Beans Are they good Where can I buy them?

As long as a Bubble Bath is part of the package, THE BEANS ARE FREE, BABY!!!

Are heinze beans good for you?

i think they are in between, neither good or bad!

What are mung beans good for?

Mung (moong) beans are small, soft, easily digestible beans belonging to the Legume family (same as peas and peanuts). They offer a variety of health benefits.HistoryAs recorded over 5,000 years ag... Read More »

Is beans good for pregnant woman?

Yes,they are a great source of protean.