Are beans a fruit or vegetable?

Answer Technically and botanically, fruit - since they form from the fertilized flower and contain the seeds of the plant, just like pumpkins and other gourds, tomatoes, corn, berries, etc. Vegetable do ... Read More »

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Is a diet of strictly vegetable and fruit juice, beans, and nuts healthy?

From what I can tell, the only major thing that is missing is whole grains. What movie?I basically eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains and I'm healthy.

Are pinto beans a vegetable?

Pinto beans are a vegetable food that provides fiber, antioxidants and calories for nutrition. Because they are high in protein and contain iron, they are sometimes grouped in food pyramids with me... Read More »

Are kidney beans a vegetable?

Kidney beans are a type of vegetable called a legume, according to Encyclopaedia Britannica. In the United States, kidney beans refer to the red, kidney-shaped variety. Outside the U.S., some peopl... Read More »

Are beans a starch or vegetable?