Are beadlocks illegal?

Answer The Department of Transportation has no specific language pertaining to beadlocks in its Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations manual, although Standard No. 109 in the document doe... Read More »

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How wide are the rings on weld-on beadlocks?

The rings on a weld-on beadlock are on average a 1/4 inch in diameter but can be as big as 4.25 inches. The actual sizes will vary with different manufacturers. Weld-on beadlocks are used on the ti... Read More »

Can an US citizen marry an illegal person and adopt her illegal child in Massachusetts?

Is it illegal to tape a film off the television. my friend says its a copyright issue, which is illegal.?

You can tape it if it's ONLY for your personal use and you neither charge people to see it not try to sell it anywhere ! ! !

Is it illegal to Google someones name(s), weird yes but illegal?

No, it's not illegal. The schools in our city just sent a flyer home to parents that told them that they should google their teen's name monthly to check and see what they are up to.