Are barking collars dangerous for dogs?

Answer On One Hand: Proper Training TechniquesElectronic dog collars should be used simultaneously with a professional dog trainer. Owners who invest in more expensive collars with control features in con... Read More »

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Do dog barking collars really work?

On One Hand: They are Effective Training ToolsDog barking collars work by delivering a correction either through a small shock, an irritating sound or the release of a startling and unpleasant spra... Read More »

How to Control Barking With Remote Collars?

Dogs can bark for many reasons. Some dogs bark out of loneliness while others bark out or boredom. Unnecessary barking can become a nuisance to dog owners and their neighbors. Dog owners can limit ... Read More »

Are flea collars dangerous?

On One Hand: The ChemicalsA lawsuit was filed in 2009 by the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental group, which claimed proof that flea collars are dangerous to pets. This is due to c... Read More »

Are shock collars dangerous?

On One Hand: Shock Collars Block Blood FlowShock collars can cause permanent injury to a dog by blocking blood flow to the brain and initiating a stroke. If the dog is concentrating on something el... Read More »