Are bark collars safe for puppies?

Answer On One Hand: Eliminates nuisiance barkingBark collars are one way to eliminate nuisance barking that can drive you or your neighbors crazy. The collars work by delivering a low-voltage shock every ... Read More »

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How to Compare Bark Collars?

Without the right bark collar to keep your dog from barking, your dog could keep you and your neighbors up at night or bark unnecessarily at cars or strangers. Because some neighborhoods have noise... Read More »

Do citronella bark collars work?

On One Hand: Citronella Bark Collars Control Nuisance BarkingCitronella bark collars control a dog's nuisance barking by making a noise and releasing a burst of citronella scent under the dog's nos... Read More »

Do ultrasonic dog bark collars affect other dogs?

Bark collars that use ultrasound to control a dog's yapping not only give off sounds to the pooch wearing the collar, but to other animals in the area too, according to Pet Education.Source:Pet Edu... Read More »

Are shock collars safe?

On One Hand: Shock Collars Temporarily Cause PainShock collars are designed to communicate with invisible fences, or wires embedded in the ground. When a dog wearing the collar gets too close to it... Read More »