Are barbies dishwasher safe?

Answer You mean to tell me her "Malibu Fun House" doesn't even have a shower? Tell her to jump in her pink Corvette and head over to Kens' place...he'll hook her up I'm sure..fear not, she'll be safe ..Ke... Read More »

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If a dish is dishwasher safe and microwave safe is it oven safe?

not really. it just depends on the if its glass, stone, plastic, etc.

If a dish id dishwasher safe does that mean its microwaveable safe?

ans2. No is the short answer, for they are two different challenges. Dishwasher detergents are quite aggressive, and will remove decorative metal plating (gold, silver, platinum) from objects. Stro... Read More »

Is a calphalon dishwasher safe?

On One Hand: Cautionary FactsCalphalon cookware consists of pots and pans with hard anodized and infused anodized surfaces. The manufacturer warns that the harshness of dishwasher detergent will ha... Read More »

What is concidered the safe cup in a dishwasher?

It is corrugated so it can bend without collapsing.