Are bankruptcy records public?

Answer Bankruptcy records that are filed with the court are public records. They can be viewed online at the PACER Service Center for U.S. Courts. They can also be seen in person at the specific court whe... Read More »

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Are all Tennessee government agencies required to comply with open records or public records?

In general, all government agencies in Tennessee must comply with the Open Records Act. However, there are exceptions. For instance, according to an opinion issued by Tennessee's Office of Open Rec... Read More »

Are birth records public records?

For many states, including Florida, California, New York, Alabama and Connecticut, birth records less than 100 years old are not a matter of public record. Access to them is restricted to a few ind... Read More »

Are marriage records public records?

Public records fall under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and each state has its own FOIA version of what records are public in that state. Many states like Washington include marriage recor... Read More »

Are DMV records public?

DMV records are considered to be sources of public information. However, any personal and/or confidential information included in a DMV record is not available to the public. Examples of personal i... Read More »