Are bankruptcy laws the same in all states?

Answer The U.S Bankruptcy codes are the same for all states and are federal laws that are tried in federal courts and not state courts. However, there are several regulations that come from state specific... Read More »

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MD Bankruptcy Laws?

Bankruptcy laws in Maryland provide consumers with the opportunity to eliminate their debt, while becoming more educated on the credit accumulation process and how to make smarter decisions with lo... Read More »

Can states declare bankruptcy?

States cannot file bankruptcy under any chapter of bankruptcy law. Chapter 9 only allows towns and cities to file, according to Slate Magazine. When a state cannot pay its bills, it goes into "rece... Read More »

Wisconsin L.L.C. Bankruptcy Laws?

Wisconsin LLC bankruptcy laws provide the legal framework for limited liability corporations to get out from under heavy debt. U.S. bankruptcy codes govern the process for commercial bankruptcy. Wi... Read More »

Bankruptcy Laws in Scotland?

In Scotland bankruptcy is sometimes called sequestration, the process of which is administered by the Accountant in Bankruptcy. In the majority of cases in Scotland, the bankruptcy procedure is vol... Read More »