Are bank accounts listed on credit reports?

Answer Certain types of bank accounts are listed on credit reports. While personal checking and savings accounts will not show up, bank accounts related to loans and mortgages will appear on your credit r... Read More »

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How long do closed accounts stay on credit reports?

Closed negative accounts will remain on a credit report for a period of no longer than seven years beyond the date the account was charged off. Closed positive accounts can remain on a credit repo... Read More »

Does opening&closing bank accounts affect your credit score?

Opening or closing a bank account does not affect your credit score, according to Some companies, however, do track a specialty consumer banking report that creditors may look at when... Read More »

How to Locate Bank Accounts in a Bank That Closed?

If your bank fails there is a process that allows you to locate your bank accounts including checking, saving, certificates of deposit (CDs), money market accounts and loans. Failed banks are close... Read More »

Are traditional IRA accounts required to file tax reports?

You do not have to include gains on money in a traditional IRA on your taxes because the traditional IRA is a tax-sheltered account. However, you do have to report contributions so you can claim yo... Read More »