Are bananas radioactive?

Answer Bananas have potassium (K), which has a standard ionic charge of +1. They are radioactive when mixed with sprite or sierra mist. The half life of the isotope is a meager 68 minutes.

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Is hydrogen radioactive?

Hydrogen is not radioactive. However, it does have an isotope, tritium, that is radioactive. Tritium has one proton and two neutrons. The regular hydrogen atom only has one proton and no neutrons.R... Read More »

Is niobium radioactive?

Natural niobium has a stable structure and no radioactive properties, according to Chemistry Explained. However, scientists have created over a dozen isotopes (forms of an element with a different ... Read More »

Is neodymium radioactive?

Neodymiun, or Nd, is a radioactive element. It is a metal and it reacts with oxygen, producing a yellow coating over the surface of the metal. Neodymium-144 is a radioactive isotope of neodymium.Re... Read More »

How to Use Radioactive in a Sentence?

Introducing new words into your vocabulary can be challenging but rewarding because you are better able to express yourself. The word radioactive is often used in the context of science and industr... Read More »