Are bamboo shades insulating?

Answer On One Hand: They Provide InsulationBamboo shades alone do provide a measure of insulation for a home. When backed with a fabric lining, which will stop additional heat from leaking out of a home i... Read More »

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How do I buy bamboo shades?

Measure Your WindowsMeasure the width and length of your windows with a tape measure to determine what size to buy. Decide whether you want your shades to hang inside the window frame or outside t... Read More »

How do I cut bamboo shades?

Trim the WidthDetermine whether the shade is going inside or outside the window frame. Shades mounted inside the frame block out more light than shades mounted outside. Measure the headrail to fit,... Read More »

How do I add lining to bamboo shades?

Roll out your bamboo shade and measure its length and width. Cut a piece of heavy fabric, such as cotton poplin, broadcloth or canvass, to be 1/2 inch longer and wider than your bamboo shade. Fold ... Read More »

Can you see through bamboo roller shades?

Bamboo shades made with multiple thin slats may allow shadows to be seen from outside. Shades made with contiguous and thicker bamboo will reduce that, but shadows may still be seen if the light in... Read More »