Are bamboo plants toxic?

Answer On One Hand: Most Bamboo Plants are Non-ToxicThere are more than 400 common species of bamboo plants that can be raised in the United States and Canada and are non-toxic to humans, animals and bird... Read More »

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Are bamboo plants toxic to cats?

On One Hand: True Bamboo is Not ToxicBamboo is a grass safely eaten by pandas, people (in the form of bamboo shoots) and even cats. A member of the Gramineae family, bamboo is listed as non-toxic t... Read More »

Are jade plants toxic?

Jade plants, the common name for the houseplant Crassula argentes, are considered nontoxic, according to the University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension. Even so, you should keep all plants and pl... Read More »

Are Ivy Plants Toxic to Babies?

The ivy plant is a plant of the genus Hedera and is most commonly used as a cover plant. Ivy covers trees, buildings and fence posts, and will also serve as a groundcover. Ivy is common in many yar... Read More »

Are hibiscus plants toxic?

All species of hibiscus fall under toxicity category four, which means that they are generally not considered to be toxic to humans, according to the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture.... Read More »