Are bamboo plants native to arizona?

Answer Bamboo plants are not native to Arizona, according to the "Arizona Plants" database from Vanderbilt University's website. However, a plant called Muhlenbergia dumosa, which is commonly known as bam... Read More »

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How do I cut down bamboo plants?

Cut down bamboo with garden shears or pruners for smaller shoots. A fine-toothed handsaw or chainsaw may be necessary to cut larger bamboo canes. Cut canes and shoots as close to the ground as poss... Read More »

Native Plants of Scotland?

Scotland has a wide variety of plants that can grow across seasons and tolerate any ground conditions. They serve as markers of approaching months and tell us something about their natural terrain.... Read More »

Native Plants of Spain?

Spain occupies the majority of the Iberian Peninsula in southwest Europe, which it shares with Portugal. Its land features rugged mountains, semi-dry deserts, a broad central plateau and river vall... Read More »

Native Plants of Taiwan?

The east Asian country of Taiwan hosts dense, often canopy-like vegetation, which thrives in warm, humid climate conditions. Nearly four thousand species of plants grow domestically in Taiwan, from... Read More »