Are bamboo plants native to arizona?

Answer Bamboo plants are not native to Arizona, according to the "Arizona Plants" database from Vanderbilt University's website. However, a plant called Muhlenbergia dumosa, which is commonly known as bam... Read More »

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Native Plants of Africa?

Africa hosts two of the six floral kingdoms on earth. The Paleotropical Kingdom occupies most of Africa; the Cape Floral Kingdom occupies the southwestern tip of Africa. South Africa features 22,00... Read More »

Native Plants in a Grassland?

Grasslands refer to huge, open spaces of mostly grasses and plants. Trees are few and scattered and usually grow near streams and rivers. Rainfall in grasslands averages about 10 to 30 inches in a ... Read More »

Native Icelandic Plants?

The country of Iceland is an island in northern Europe once rich with forests. Human settlement and exploitation of the woodland areas has lead to the island developing large barren areas of tundra... Read More »

Native Plants of Scotland?

Scotland has a wide variety of plants that can grow across seasons and tolerate any ground conditions. They serve as markers of approaching months and tell us something about their natural terrain.... Read More »