Are bamboo flutes difficult to play?

Answer On One Hand: Their Simple StructureBeing familiar with playing instruments can really help in escalating the learning process, but this is not necessary to learn in a timely manner. Bamboo flutes a... Read More »

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Types of Bamboo Flutes?

The oldest instrument discovered to date is the flute. According to the BBC, a team from Tubingen University uncovered flutes made of a vulture's wing bone and mammoth tusks in Germany. The researc... Read More »

Is Tergaren synergy bamboo floor better than stranded bamboo flooring?

Stranded bamboo is a generic style, whereas Teragren Synergy is Teragren's brand name for the stranded style. To answer the question would require comparison of the two company's products. Things ... Read More »

Where can I get bamboo pillows or bamboo pillow cases?

You can find bamboo bedding in a lot of places. Here are a couple of sites:-…-…- Read More »

What is the difference between Bamboo Fun and Bamboo Craft?

I'm actually wondering somewhat of the same question myself.I think the main difference is size, but I watched the video for each and found that the Bamboo Craft has a bunch of like free trials or ... Read More »