Are bamboo flutes difficult to play?

Answer On One Hand: Their Simple StructureBeing familiar with playing instruments can really help in escalating the learning process, but this is not necessary to learn in a timely manner. Bamboo flutes a... Read More »

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Types of Bamboo Flutes?

The oldest instrument discovered to date is the flute. According to the BBC, a team from Tubingen University uncovered flutes made of a vulture's wing bone and mammoth tusks in Germany. The researc... Read More »

Is Tergaren synergy bamboo floor better than stranded bamboo flooring?

Stranded bamboo is a generic style, whereas Teragren Synergy is Teragren's brand name for the stranded style. To answer the question would require comparison of the two company's products. Things ... Read More »

How to Tell the Age of Flutes?

Flutes are commonly considered to be one of the earliest known musical instruments, with some archaeological examples dating back more than 43,000 years. They appear in the musical evolution of nea... Read More »

Where can I get bamboo pillows or bamboo pillow cases?

You can find bamboo bedding in a lot of places. Here are a couple of sites:-…-…- Read More »