Are bad shocks dangerous?

Answer On One Hand: Bad Shocks Compromise ControlWhen shocks are working properly, they help maintain traction and balance, particularly when the car passes over a bump. Bad shocks, such as worn shocks or... Read More »

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How to Add Air to Air Shocks?

Adding air to air shocks doesn't need to be complicated, and equalizing both shocks to each other will provide a smooth, level ride. The average backyard mechanic can add air to air shocks in about... Read More »

How to Replace ATV Shocks?

Shocks on an ATV are made to give it its maximum wheel travel. The piggyback shocks have coil springs wrapped around them to provide extra shock absorption. Shocks are vital for ATVs since they are... Read More »

Coilovers Vs. Shocks?

Coilovers and shocks are parts of the suspension system on automobiles. The major difference between coilovers and standard shocks is that coilovers afford drivers much more control over a vehicle'... Read More »