Are background checks done on bus drivers in the BVSD?

Answer The Boulder Valley School District in Colorado, also called the BVSD, requires background checks for school bus drivers, as well as all district employees. They also are subjected to random drug te... Read More »

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Does anyone such as the FBI CIA do background security checks and checks for citizenship on members of Congress and the President elect?

They MAY do so as a pre-requisite for their accessing certain classified information during their terms of office after they are elected. HOWEVER, there is no Constitutional requirement that these ... Read More »

Who does the background checks for OPM?

Office of Personnel Management (OPM) conducts its own background checks in-house. The OPM is the agency that provide security clearance to all federal agencies looking to hire new employees or cont... Read More »

What is involved in background checks?

A background check is a verification done on an individual's history. It is usually done for a job, a mortgage, a loan application or for security issues. A number of legal protections exist for an... Read More »

Does the U.S. do background checks for a passport?

In order to receive a passport the applicant has to fill out the appropriate form, provide proof of citizenship, present identification, provide two photographs and pay the fee. Background check is... Read More »