Are baby turtles born with a shell?

Answer All baby turtles are born with a shell that is used as a source of protection. The inner layer of the shell is connected to the turtle's spine and ribs. The outer layer is a hard structure formed f... Read More »

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Will a baby born with a head full of hair change texture or color My baby was born with dark straight hair I have wavy brown hair and am caucasian and her father is Peurto Rican with curly hair?

Answer Well I was born with dark brown curly hair, and now mine is dead straight, and blonde! so it can change, but not always!

About Baby Sea Turtles?

"Sea turtle" is a term that encompasses a wide variety of aquatic saltwater turtles. These turtles can vary in appearance and range in size from the relatively small olive ridley turtle (less than ... Read More »

What do baby turtles eat?

Baby turtles can eat a range of things in the wild, but most pet stores carry flakes and pellets for turtles that fall into your care. Live options such as grasshoppers and meal worms may also be e... Read More »

What do baby box turtles eat?

A diet of proteins and plant materials--including tubifex worms, water-soaked dog kibbles, chopped earthworms, finely chopped strawberries, collard greens, cantaloupe and yellow squash--should be o... Read More »