Are babies cute when they're newborn?

Answer 'Cute' is a matter of opinion. Usually, the parents believe the baby is beautiful, while other onlookers who do not give so much thought to the newborn may not think so.

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When do newborn babies start to smile?

According to the Wonder Time website, newborn babies start to smile at the age of 1 month. The ability to smile is a natural milestone for a newborn baby, along with tilting the head and recognizin... Read More »

When do newborn babies begin to use their eyes?

newborns eye sight a newborn starts to be able to see things really fuzzy almost right away, they'll see the outlines of people and bright lights, things like that but as far as seeing as clear as... Read More »

When did the IRS require newborn babies to have a Social Security number?

Newborn babies are not required to have a Social Security number (SSN) . It is highly recommended to obtain an SSN when applying for a birth certificate because the process is faster then applying ... Read More »

What do you call the people that care for newborn babies when they first were born?

Answer The doctors who care for newborn babies are neonatologists. And they are also called Pediatric nurses.