Are babies born with knee caps?

Answer yes, some people think that they are born without.

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Babies knee caps?

This is a fairly potent medication that contains a narcotic (hydrocodone), an anti-histamine (chlorpheniramine), and a decongestant (phenyleprine). Essentially this drug is used for a bad cold & co... Read More »

Why are some babies born without a butthole?

Hi, Most Some Babies are Born Without a "Anus" Because A Deform While Growing Inside The Woman, Or A Accident Happen, Some Deform Babies are Caused By Smoking, Drug Use, Or Smoking, But This Is Kin... Read More »

What happens when babies are born without skin?

its quite simple really. the baby will inevitably die. your skin is in place to protect your muscles and organs from infection.That is not entirely accurate. The outcome depends on the percentage o... Read More »

Bumps under knee caps?

I used to be a dancer so I know knee pain well. It's good that you ice them but you need to go a step further. Let me explain. Your knees hold 75% of your bodyweight every single day. If you are 20... Read More »