Are azaleas trimmed back in spring or summer?

Answer Springtime is the best time to trim azaleas---the earlier the better, according to the Azalea Society of America. Trim while the azalea is blooming and enjoy long-lasting cut flowers, or leave the ... Read More »

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Can non-flowering shrubs be trimmed in spring?

Non-flowering shrubs or hedges can be trimmed at any time, including spring. The amount of trimming is dependent on how fast the shrubs grow. This could involve trimming the shrub anywhere from twi... Read More »

Is there a dinfference between front spring and back spring on a liner and shader machine?

It depends on what your setting your shader for. Color? Black and grey? Smooth black and gray?If your doing regular black and gray or using color, a long stroke, large gap between front spring and ... Read More »

In what month do you cut back azaleas?

The best time to cut back your azaleas is in the spring, before any new growth starts, according to the Azalea Society of America. Depending on where you live, this is likely March or April.Source... Read More »

How to Do a Round Off Back Hand Spring Back Tuck?

This will show you how to do a round off backhand spring back tuck!