Are azaleas perennials?

Answer Azaleas come back year after year; therefore, they are a perennial plant. It is important to keep in mind that the buds for next year's blooms form in the current year, so old, dried blooms must be... Read More »

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Are snapdragons perennials?

No, snapdragons are an annual flower. These flowers can be purchased in a variety of colors and will bloom in early summer. Because they are an annual, they must be replanted each spring.Source:The... Read More »

Are primroses perennials?

Primroses are perennials, meaning their life cycles can last two years or longer. Some primrose varieties, like the Colorado Springs evening primrose and the cutleaf evening primrose, live yearly a... Read More »

Are begonias perennials?

Begonia flowers, a member of the Begoniaceae family with a number of species, are annuals, meaning they last only for the duration of a single growing season and must be replanted each year. Perenn... Read More »

Are caladiums perennials?

Caladiums are perennials, but they are treated as annuals in most of the country. The University of South Florida explains that caladiums can be treated like perennials in places that stay warm all... Read More »