Are nuts and avocados good for you ?

Answer Yes they are all very healthy. Almonds have lots of nutrients including calcium, vitamin E, and protein. Cashews and sunflower seed are also very healthy and good for the heart. Cauliflower has lot... Read More »

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How long do avocados stay good?

Avocados will stay in good, edible condition for one week if placed in the refrigerator crisper drawer or in a plastic bag. The outside of the fruit may discolor a little but the fruit is not affec... Read More »

Where do avocados come from?

Avocado fruits derive from the deciduous evergreen tree genus, Persea. Agriculturists believe avocados originated in southern Mexico in the 1600s. Avocado tree species grow throughout Polynesia, Au... Read More »

Where did avocados come from?

Avocados are an ancient fruit. Speculation even exists that avocados were eaten by prehistoric animals and dinosaurs, primarily due to their large size. Modern-day history traces avocados to three ... Read More »

Are avocados a fruit?

While it may appear to be a vegetable and often is combined with vegetables in cooking, an avocado is actually a fruit which comes from the Persea Americana evergreen tree.Source:The World's Health... Read More »