Are attic fans good?

Answer On One Hand: Attic Fans Are EffectiveAttic fans offer a fast and economical way to cool a house. They can refresh the air in the house much faster than central air conditioning, and can save you si... Read More »

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How many attic fans are needed?

On One Hand: Optimum Air ExchangeThe number of fans used depends on the air exchange rate of the fan and the size of the attic. Fans are rated by the cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air they exchang... Read More »

How do attic fans work?

Whether you are building a house from the ground up or trying to improve the efficiency of your current home, consider adding an attic fan to lower utility bills in the hot summer months.FunctionTh... Read More »

Are attic fans worthwhile?

On One Hand: Cooler ClimatesIf you live in the North or Midwest, attic fans are worthwhile because they are cheaper to operate. They help cool the house, reducing the more expensive energy consumpt... Read More »

Are attic fans really energy efficient?

On One Hand: They Can Be Somewhat Energy EfficientAn unfinished attic can become as hot as 150 degrees F in the summer, eventually transferring that heat to the house below. The result is increased... Read More »