Are asp handcuffs any good?

Answer On One Hand: ASP Handcuffs Are Lightweight And Easy to UseASP handcuffs have been designed based on extensive computer modeling and simulation analysis. The three types--chain, hinge and rigid--all... Read More »

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Whats a good excuse for speeding in a car whilst wearing a gimp suit and handcuffs?

NO excuse ! Hand in your licence and catch the bus, as you clearly haven't enough sense to drive a vehicle !!

How to Use Handcuffs During Sex?

Using handcuffs in bed can be very erotic, but it can also lead to very awkward situations....

How are handcuffs used?

You lock it around your hand and your hand is trapped so you can't escape.

How to Pick Handcuffs?

Handcuffs are restraint devices commonly used by law enforcement officials to detain suspected criminals but can also be used by magicians and other performers to perform escape tricks. If you want... Read More »