Are artificial sweeteners hard on your teeth like sugar?

Answer artificial sweeteners are bad all the way around they are poison. Try stevia, it is all natural, calorie free and tastes great, it actually helps you loose weight and adds fiber to your diet.

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Do you drink sweetened tea with sugar or artificial sweeteners?

hot tea with honey. Sugar is a no-no, too much sugar is bad. And since honey is naturally sweet, it's a lot better for you. I always drink hot tea, it calms me when I'm anxious.

What is your opinion on artificial sweeteners and kids?

One week it'll give you cancer, the next week it'll cure it.

Which artificial sweetener or sugar substitute tastes most like real sugar?

I wish I could find one as well and with a sweet tooth I don't think any compare to sugar.I think it is a question of getting used to one of them.Sugaryll is probably the only one I really like.

Are ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS really bad for you?

Artificial Sweeteners: Sugar free but not risk freeWell most commonly used Artificial Sweeteners are Aspartame, Saccharin, Neotame and Sucralose. People take them in place of sugar for weight loss ... Read More »