Are arches allowed in a Catholic wedding ceremony?

Answer On One Hand: Arches Are Typically AllowedIn general, arches will be allowed in a Catholic wedding ceremony. According to the Catholic Wedding Help website, wedding decorations should never distract... Read More »

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Are catholic wedding ceremonies allowed on cruise ships?

It is not the cruise ship that dictates whether or not you can have a catholic wedding. It is the catholic church that tells you where you are able to have your wedding. In accordance with the ca... Read More »

DIY Wedding Arches?

A wedding arch is a structure used during the wedding ceremony to frame the couple as they get married. Arches come in many shapes and can be made from materials including wood, plastic and metal. ... Read More »

How many side boys am I allowed for a Navy retirement ceremony?

Traditional custom dictates four to six side boys at a United States Navy retirement ceremony. However, recent protocol has allowed for the retiring member to choose as many side boys as he would l... Read More »

How to Conduct a Wedding Ceremony?

During a wedding ceremony, the bride and groom make vows before their god, family and friends to love and support one another throughout their marriage. Wedding ceremonies can be performed by spiri... Read More »